Advance the Fight Against Cancer

Together, we can take on cancer from every angle and triumph over this terrible disease.

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Your Support Makes All the Difference In the Fight Against Cancer

Thousands of patients who turn to UK Markey each year rely on the generosity of community members like you who are dedicated to beating cancer in Kentucky. With our team working across the entire spectrum of cancer care, you can feel confident that your support makes a difference, because in this life-and-death fight your gift helps attack cancer in multiple key areas.

Patient Care Patient Care

Leading-edge clinical treatment, caring staff and support services make the road to recovery possible.

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Research Research

World-class researchers, across a broad spectrum of cancer research fields, create life-changing outcomes for patients.

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Prevention Prevention

Screening programs and cancer risk education reduce Kentuckians’ likelihood of developing cancer.

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Patient Assistance Patient Assistance

Comprehensive support services treating more than just the disease help patients and their families navigate cancer.

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Leading-Edge Facilities Leading-Edge Facilities

State-of-the-art technology ensures every patient receives innovative treatment and a customized care plan.

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A Message from the Director

“Our principal mission at the UK Markey Cancer Center is saving lives. Thanks to the support of our wonderful friends, we stand ready to offer the world’s most advanced treatment options to our patients. It is you who helps us achieve this. It is you who makes the difference. It is you who helps save lives.”

B. Mark Evers, MD
Director, Markey Cancer Center


Patient Care

At UK Markey, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to fighting cancer. Through generous donor support, we’re able to develop individualized, state-of-the art treatment plans for each and every patient.

It’s through the compassion and commitment of our physicians, nurses, medical professionals—and donors like you—that our patients know the entire UK Markey community is with them in the fight against cancer.

Compassionate Care

Our expert medical team, supported by our donors, has provided advanced cancer care for more than two decades.

Cases Across Kentucky

UK Markey treated over 3,000 new cancer cases in 2018.

Being There for the Community

2020 brought 118,184 visits through the doors of UK Markey from patients seeking help in their battle against cancer.

Areas of Impact

Nurse Navigator

The UK Markey Cancer Foundation’s Nurse Navigator serves as a resource for grateful patients and their families, ensuring those who generously support UK Markey do not face a cancer diagnosis alone. Assisting with the navigation of appointments, services and resources related to care, the Foundation is there for donors every step of the way.



Your support helps foster leading-edge research and clinical trials currently underway at UK Markey, holding the promise of breakthrough treatments, innovative therapies and better screenings. Together, we’re changing outcomes for patients across the entire spectrum of cancers.


Our research brings UK faculty members from eight colleges and 53 departments together to battle cancer.

Robust Research

258 projects are underway covering all phases of cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Women-Led Research

Markey Women Strong funds women-led research that is transforming cancer care.


UK Markey’s commitment to advancing the fight against cancer through research inspires significant support for Kentucky’s only NCI-designated cancer center.



Our community has the power to decrease cancer risk and save lives. Your support helps bring vital access to education, prevention and screening programs across the commonwealth, giving everyone the knowledge and tools to avoid and detect cancer as early as possible.


Providing this total number of screenings in 2019 was possible thanks to UK Markey donors.

Mamm’s Day Out

Women receive no-cost mammograms 4x per year at our quarterly events.

Colon Cancer Screenings

Education, counseling, at-home testing kits and risk assessments are part of a multi-level strategy to increase screenings and follow-up care in all regions of Kentucky.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Donor generosity helps ensure low-dose CT screenings are available for patients at risk for lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S.


Patient Assistance

Cancer isn’t just emotionally and physically devastating—it can be financially and logistically difficult as well. But through the generosity of our supporters, together we are easing the burdens of cancer for our patients—bringing assistance, comfort and reassurance.

Patient Fund

Generous donors contributed $70,000 in 2019 to help provide direct financial relief to our patients.

Nurse Navigator

Through your support, patients and their families are able to receive help in navigating appointments, services and resources.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year UK Markey provides Thanksgiving dinner for all patients, families and caregivers who find themselves in the hospital for treatment during the holiday.

Support Groups

Various support groups provide those affected by cancer a space to gather, share experiences, learn and support each other through cancer’s challenges.


Leading-Edge Facilities

Through your support, more Kentuckians than ever before have access to UK Markey’s state-of-the-art technology and facilities. Together, we’re providing leading-edge care to save lives across the region.

$5 Million Invested

Community support helped build a new cancer patient floor and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

Integrative Medicine

In 2019, generous donors gave $875,000 to advance UK Markey’s Integrative Medicine & Health program and facilities.

Expanded Care

UK Markey is part of a nation-wide network of cancer centers, ORIEN, offering Total Cancer Care® (TCC), a study intended to improve care and quality of life for people affected by cancer.

Access for All

Our 20-member affiliate network offers the highest level of care in Kentucky and surrounding states.

Make a Gift to Fight Cancer

Your donation is vital to supporting patient care, research, prevention, patient assistance and leading-edge facilities to beat cancer in Kentucky.

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