About Us

Kentucky now has the unfortunate distinction of being first among all 50 states in overall cancer mortality and cancer incidence. Our cancer problem is distinct and prevalent, which underscores Markey’s mission to reduce the cancer mortality in our region. Fortunately, researchers at UK Markey Cancer Center are doing their part to make a difference in the lives of our patients, going above and beyond in fighting the cancer battle alongside Markey every day.


Since it’s establishment in 1978, the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Foundation has been recognized as a forerunner in championing cancer research in Kentucky through direct support of the Markey Cancer Center. After contributing significantly to the National Cancer Institute designation of the Markey Cancer Center in July, 2013, our support has expanded to fund innovative research initiatives. We work with researchers across a broad spectrum of cancer research fields to find and fund the best research and create better outcomes for patient treatments and care.