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Members of Markey Women Strong fund women-led research that is transforming cancer prevention and treatment.

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With Kentucky leading the nation in cancer deaths each year, members of Markey Women Strong are a generous group of donors with a unique focus—to fund women-led cancer research at UK Markey. When you join with a membership contribution of $1,000, you support female researchers working to unlock
the mysteries of cancer through two grants of $50,000 each.

Every year Markey Women Strong members review proposals and, through a voting process, award $100,000. During the year, grant recipients update members—giving you an exclusive look at the latest in cancer research, and how your donations are fueling groundbreaking discoveries right here in Kentucky.

6 Years

Markey Women Strong members have been funding cancer research since 2016.

100 Members

Together, these donors fuel the fight against cancer by supporting life-changing research.

12 Grantees

Female researchers are advancing cancer treatments and improving patient care.


Member generosity demonstrates their commitment to beating cancer in Kentucky.

- Dr. Ed Romond

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“When a patient doesn’t respond well to their cancer care plan, it’s up to the oncologist to make a decision about which new treatment to pursue. Research allows our oncologists to have more options in caring for our patients.”

Dr. Kathleen O’Connor

Grant Recipient, Markey Women Strong

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“As a member of Markey Women Strong, I feel privileged to have the unique opportunity to financially support women dedicated to cancer research. I also appreciate the opportunity Markey Cancer Center has provided to educate me about the specific areas of cancer research the women are pursuing. It has and continues to be a win win experience.”

Pat Gradek

Member, Markey Women Strong

Grant Recipients

Markey Women Strong is proud to support the following researchers and their work to advance cancer prevention and treatment.

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Jill M. Kolesar, PharmD, MS | 2022

University Research Professor, Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine
Research Focus: Development of Novel Treatments for Ovarian Cancer

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Krystle A. Lang Kuhs, PhD, MPH | 2022

Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health
Research Focus: The VOYAGER Study: HPV16 AntibOdy Detection as an EarlY Marker of OrophArynGeal CancER

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Luksana Chaiswing, PhD | 2021

Assistant Professor (tenure track), Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, College of Medicine
Research Focus: Targeting Cell Powerhouses "Mitochondria" to Enhance Radiation Treatment Outcomes

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Emilia Galperin, PhD | 2021

Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, College of Medicine
Research Focus: Tampering with ERK1/2 Signals for Cancer Treatment

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Teresa Fan, PhD | 2020

Professor, Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, College of Medicine
Research Focus: Uncovering Plasma Exosomal Lipid Patterns for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

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Kate Zaytseva, PhD | 2020

Assistant Professor (tenure track), Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, College of Medicine
Research Focus: Lipid Metabolism as a Therapeutic Target for Colorectal Cancer

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Tianyan Gao, PhD | 2019

Professor, Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, College of Medicine
Research Focus: Study of Metabolic Interactions in Obesity Associated Colon Cancer

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Eva M. Goellner, PhD | 2019

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Toxicology & Cancer Biology, College of Medicine
Research Focus: DNA Mismatch Repair in Chemotherapy Resistance

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Sally R. Ellingson, PhD | 2018

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics, College of Medicine
Research Focus: Computational Methods that Predict Drug Interactions

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Kathleen O’Connor, PhD | 2018

Associate Director of Cancer Education, UK Markey Cancer Center
Research Focus: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

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Rina Plattner, PhD | 2017

Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences
Research Focus: Melanoma Metastasis and Therapeutic Resistance

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Kathleen O’Connor, PhD | 2017

Associate Director of Cancer Education, UK Markey Cancer Center
Research Focus: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Markey Women Strong 2022 Members

Mrs. Katherine S. Alford
Ms. Ann B. Bakhaus
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Barr
Mrs. Susan P. Beebe
Mrs. Mary M. Bell
Mrs. Ann Boardman
Ms. Ali Boone
Mrs. Caroline Boone
Ms. Catie Boone
Ms. Rana Bozorgmanesh
Mrs. Harriet D. Bradley
Mrs. Daphne Brittain
Mrs. Caroline Bromagen
Mrs. Lendy F. Brown
Mrs. Libby Brown
Mrs. Alice D. Buchart
Mrs. Sharon S. Bullard
Ms. Betsy B. Bulleit
Mrs. Anna M. Cambron
Dr. Mary Lynne Capilouto
Mrs. Linda Carey
Mrs. Lee Carroll
Mrs. Ellen G. Chapman
Mrs. Jeanne Codell
Mrs. Susan S. Cowden
Mrs. Suzanne H. Elliott
Mrs. Karen Evers
Ms. Debra Ezzell
Mrs. Nancy J. Fallon
Mrs. Kelley Farish
Ms. Elizabeth Filchak
Mrs. Hannah Goodlett
Mrs. Alexandra Goodman
Mrs. Maeve Goodman
Mrs. Rebecca Goodman
Mrs. Julie M. Gosky
Ms. Patricia M. Gradek
Mrs. Ann Greely
Mrs. Kathryn Green
Mrs. Betty Bos Haggin
Mrs. Jennifer Van Meter
Mrs. Donna S. Hall
Mrs. Deborah R. Hancock
Mrs. Sarah Hicks
Dr. Leslie Horn
Mrs. Mary Humphrey
Mrs. Sally S. Humphrey
Mrs. Catherine V. Jacobs
Mrs. Callie Keller
Mrs. Susie Keller
Mrs. Evangeline Lear
Mrs. Eunice A. Logan (In Memoriam)
Mrs. Margaret C. Lyster
Mrs. Virginia May
Mrs. Betty Ann McLean
Mrs. Jenna Mitchell
Ms. Susan S. Mullineaux
Dr. Anne Murry
Mrs. Celeste M. Neuman
Mrs. Susan Nicholson
Mrs. Martha G. Nicol
Mrs. Victoria H. Oliver
Mrs. Patricia Pfiester (In Memoriam)
Mrs. Mallory Pfiester Martinez
Mrs. Judy Philpott
Mrs. Daisy P. Pulito
Mrs. Becky Reinhold
Ms. Aly Reynolds
Mrs. Lois Reynolds
Mrs. Mary Jane Rosenstein
Mrs. Cathy E. Rupp
Mrs. Martha Schlegel
Mrs. Ronda M. Scott
Mrs. Billie Jo Setzer
Mrs. Shelley G. Slabaugh
Ms. Ann Stilz
Ms. Muffy D. Stuart
Mrs. Barbara L. Thomason
Mrs. Patricia C. Tierney
Mrs. Madonna Turner
Mrs. Patricia Van Clief
Mrs. Linda P. Van Meter
Ms. Cynthia A. VanDyke
Mrs. Neal Vaughan
Mrs. Barbara S. Young
Mrs. Josefine C. Young


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“The UK Markey team is determined to win their all-out war against cancer. If one strategy doesn’t work, they’re right there, ready to try another one.”

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