Organize a Fundraising Event

It takes all of us—together—to beat cancer in Kentucky. When you plan a fundraiser individually or with a group, you create a meaningful opportunity for others to give and support urgent life-changing care for patients.

Get Started On Your Event

Plan an Event That Matches Your Style

There are many ways you can raise money to support and honor patients fighting cancer. Think about your own passions and skills, who you’d like to invite and what type of activty is a great fit.

Bake Sale Bake Sale

Walk or Run Walk or Run

Workplace Fundraiser Workplace Fundraiser

Car Wash Car Wash

Golf Tournament Golf Tournament

Motorcycle Ride Motorcycle Ride

Concert Concert

Softball Tournament Softball Tournament

Event in Your Home Event in Your Home


How to Get Started

Over the years, members of our community have hosted all kinds of fundraisers to support the UK Markey Cancer Center, including bake sales, car washes and 5K races. We are very grateful. Once you’re ready to start planning a fundraising event, get in touch with our experienced staff. We will share tips and information to help you host your own successful event to benefit UK Markey.

Step 1

Fill Out an Event Form

Share the basic details of your event, including what you’d like the funds to support.

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Step 2

Receive Helpful Guidance

After receiving your form, our team will reach out with tips for success.

Step 3

Plan Your Event

The details are in your hands! Set your budget, make a task list and spread the word.

Step 4

Host Your Event

Enjoy your big day and be proud knowing you’re helping to beat cancer in Kentucky!


The Most Powerful Weapon Against Cancer

“You have to keep a positive attitude to beat cancer. Believe me, it’s hard. But it’s easier if you have doctors who refuse to accept defeat. That’s why I was so grateful to be at UK Markey.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to be a professional to plan a fundraising event. In fact, some of our best fundraisers have been grateful patients, family members and caring community members who were committed to beating cancer in Kentucky. Here are answers to some common questions to get you started:

How much does it cost to register a fundraising event to benefit the UK Markey Cancer Foundation?

There is no registration fee to host an event to support the UK Markey Cancer Foundation and all donated funds directly benefit the Foundation and work of the UK Markey Cancer Center.

Will I be held responsible for the fundraising goal included on my event form?

No, you will not be held responsible for the fundraising goal included on your event form. Any amount raised is much appreciated!

I currently work with a development officer who is not on the special events team. May I work with her/him on planning my event?

To ensure we best support your planning and fundraising efforts we prefer that you work with one of our experienced special events staff members. Your current development officer will still be your primary contact for all other needs.

If I am approved for an event and indicate on the event form that I intend to hold the event annually, do I need to submit a new event form each year?

No, you will not need to submit a new event form for an annual event. However, if you hold a different type of event in the future a new event form will be required. For example, if you hold a 5K one year and decide to hold a golf tournament the following year, a new event form will be needed.

Can I use the UK Markey Cancer Foundation logo on my event materials?

Yes, you can use the UK Markey Cancer Foundation logo on your promotional and event materials after signing and returning the Trademark License Agreement. Drafts of any materials for the event that include the Foundation logo are required to be submitted for approval prior to distribution or display. Your special event contact will provide the Agreement and details on submitting the drafts for approval during the planning process.

Will someone from the UK Markey Cancer Foundation attend my event?

We do our best to have a representative attend all events in the Lexington area that are benefitting the UK Markey Cancer Foundation.

Will the UK Markey Cancer Foundation solicit corporate sponsorships for my event?

The UK Markey Cancer Foundation cannot solicit corporate sponsorships for your event. However, we will provide approved events with an acceptance letter which can be used to add credibility to your efforts when soliciting corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations.

Can I designate the funds raised through my event to support a specific area at the UK Markey Cancer Center?

Yes, you may direct the funds you raise to a specific area or program, or you can contribute the donations as unrestricted monies for the area of greatest need.

Am I able to change the fund designation for my event after the event form has been approved?

Prior to your funds being donated to the UK Markey Cancer Foundation, you may change the area you wish to support at any time by notifying your special event contact.

If I am holding an annual event that does not require a new event form, is there anything that I will need to do in years 2+?

Yes, you will need to notify your special event contact of your new event date. Additionally, if you are using the Foundation’s logo on your event materials, you will need to ensure that your Trademark License Agreement is up to date. You will also need to submit for approval any new promotional materials using the Foundation logo.

Who will help run my event?

We recommend that you form a committee of friends and family that are passionate about the cause. They will play an important role in the planning stages and provide support and assistance during the event.

Who will pay for my event expenses?

You are responsible for covering all expenses for your event. The UK Markey Cancer Foundation cannot reimburse you for these expenses. You may deduct your event costs from the funds raised before you send a check to the UK Markey Cancer Foundation, but these costs cannot exceed 49% of the total amount raised. Many fundraisers try to obtain corporate or individual underwriters to absorb some or all of the event expenses.

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