Cathy Coop Fund Nominated for $50,000 Eagle Rare Life Award

After enduring the loss of his wife to cancer, Brent Coop created a fund to serve as her legacy that raises money for those struggling to make ends meet while battling cancer. The Cathy Wolterman Coop Fund, which benefits patients in treatment at UK Markey Cancer Center for primary peritoneal and ovarian cancers who are struggling to make ends meet financially, and Brent himself, were recently nominated for the Eagle Rare Life Award, which comes with a $50,000 donation to the winning charity.

“Without the support of the Markey Cancer Center and the Cathy Coop Fund, I’m not sure I could have survived cancer,” said 58-year-old Dinah Griffin, who benefited from the Fund in 2016. “My medications were very expensive and the financial support I received not only relieved a financial burden, but gave me peace of mind that I could fight this disease because someone who had been through this before cared enough to help patients like me.”

The Cathy Wolterman Coop Fund has raised $148,000 to date, thanks in large part to Brent’s continued and tireless efforts, with 100% of donations made to the fund going directly to support patients in need of financial assistance. Money from the Fund is used by recipients for everyday necessities like groceries, fuel cards, transportation to and from treatments, hotel rooms for family members, childcare, etc.

Voting is currently open through December 5 for the Eagle Rare Life Award. You can vote daily to show your support for the Cathy Wolterman Coop Fund and for Brent by clicking here. To learn more about the Fund, go to

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