Cathy Coop Fund Continues to Offer Support and Hope

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

This is how Cathy Wolterman Coop lived her life; always putting others first and always working toward the greater good.  As a mother, sister, friend, medical professional and spouse, she led and lived by example, bringing light and joy to those whose lives she touched.

While receiving treatment at Markey, Cathy often told family and friends of the women she sat with during her chemotherapy, many of whom were driving themselves to and from treatments and working full time jobs to support their families and themselves, barely making ends meet. These women touched her heart, and their challenges weighed on her heavily.

On her final birthday in 2013, Cathy’s husband, Brent, along with friends and family, presented her with the gift of a legacy – a fund in her name that would support women like those who so profoundly touched Cathy’s heart.

Benefitting patients in treatment for primary peritoneal and ovarian cancers, the Cathy Wolterman Coop Fund has raised $148,000 to date, with 100% of donations made to the fund going directly to support patients in need of financial assistance. Money from the Fund is used by recipients for everyday necessities like groceries, fuel cards, transportation to and from treatments, hotel rooms for family members, childcare, etc.

Payouts from the fund are distributed at the discretion of the Psych-Oncology Service Department at the UK Markey Cancer Center and gifts typically range between $50 and $300, a seemingly small amount of money that can make a monumental difference to the patients that need it.

“Without the support of the Markey Cancer Center and the Cathy Coop Fund, I’m not sure I could have survived cancer,” said 58-year-old Dinah Griffin, who benefitted from the Fund in 2016, receiving $300 to go toward medication co-pays. “My medications were very expensive and the financial support I received not only relieved a financial burden, but gave me peace of mind that I could fight this disease because someone who had been through this before cared enough to help patients like me.”

If you would like to learn more about how you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women like Dinah through support of the Cathy Wolterman Coop Fund, go to

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