UK Markey Cancer Foundation Aims to Brighten Patients’ Day with Kind Messages from the Community

The UK Markey Cancer Foundation gathered kind messages of support from the community dedicated to the patients going through treatment at the UK Markey Cancer Center. The messages will be turned into banners and hung for patients to read.

The UK Markey Cancer Foundation reached out to the community with one goal in mind: to brighten the day of those going through treatment at the Markey Cancer Center.

The campaign, which brought in over 600 messages, called for peers within the community to submit a kind message or words of encouragement to those currently battling cancer at Markey. The messages are then turned into banners and posted on the walls of the Markey clinics, so patients, clinicians, and family members can read all of the kind words of support from the community.

The banners, which have been created with unique messages two times prior, including for Thanksgiving in 2020 and in the Spring of 2021, have been a huge hit with the patients and staff. Most recently, additional clinics have requested that these banners be hung in their units, as they have heard of the wonderful impact these messages have had on patients who have stopped to read the notes.

To see all the messages submitted, click here.

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