When All Other Options Failed, Markey, Feddock Give Patient New Lease on Life

She was told, “enjoy the time you have left with your family; there’s nothing more we can do.” These are words no cancer patient hopes they’ll ever hear. But those were the words Annette Osborne heard from her oncologist. After battling cancer, and being declared cancer free once before, she was faced with missing out on more time with her husband and watching her grandchildren grow up.

Initially, Osborne had ignored the symptoms that turned out to be cancer. As she cared for her ailing father, it was easy to write off the aches and pains. When she noticed abnormal bleeding, she sought a medical opinion from her gynecologist. She was told it was likely nothing to be concerned about, just a small tear that would likely heal itself. When the problem persisted, she returned to her physician and eventually found out what the issue had been, vaginal cancer.

If she wasn’t ready to end her cancer treatment, if she wanted to keep fighting, Osborne’s doctor did have one more option. A doctor at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center was doing some innovative treatments. Osborne took the opportunity and in early 2016 came to see if Dr. Jonathan Feddock could give her more time with her family.

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