Nominate a Markey Difference Maker Today

The Markey Difference Maker award goes to honor those who work tirelessly to ensure cancer patients at the UK Markey Cancer Center receive the best care possible. These people can be on either the clinical side or the administrative side.

Nominations can be submitted at anytime and during each quarter, two people (one clinical and one administrative) are selected as Difference Makers of the Quarter. Those eight people a year are eligible to receive the Dr. Lewis Kelly Markey Difference Maker of the Year award at Markey Cancer Center Research Day.

The award is given in honor of Dr. Lewis Kelly, PhD. Kelly’s hard work and dedication helped the Markey Cancer Center gain both statewide and national acclaim during his 25-year career. His altruistic willingness to take on any task, great or small, to help the greater good exemplifies the qualities of those nominated for this award.

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