Cooking for a Cure With UK Agriculture

During National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March, our friends at the UK College of Agriculture, Food & Environment hold their ‘Cook for a Cure’ fundraiser in honor of of their Student Council Advisor who went through treatments at the Markey Cancer Center during a hard-fought battle with cancer. Their event raises awareness and funds directly for colorectal cancer research, a field where Markey Cancer Center researchers are making groundbreaking discoveries and leading with innovative treatments.


“We here at the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment are family.  When one of your own gets sick we are right behind them to support them in whatever need they have.  Our advisor for the Student Council was going through treatments at Markey Cancer Center and we wanted to show her how much we cared for her.  So last year we started “Cooking for a Cure” in her honor.  This is an event that has faculty, staff, and students faceoff in a chili and soup cookoff.  People have the chance to try different chili and soup for $5 then they get a full bowl of what they like best.  This year we raised right at $1100! We are glad to have the opportunity to support our advisor and the Markey Cancer Foundation with this donation!”

– Ben Connor, AFA Student Advisory Team at the University of Kentucky




Cooking for a Cure

Cook for a Cure, 2015

UK Markey